‘It-Tilqima’ (The Vaccine) – Virtual play

“We are living in another pandemic.  The world passed through many different pandemics, but time goes by and nobody remembers the previous ones…

Our job is to find a vaccine that is beneficial for mankind even when the pandemic is over, and humans forget what they went through and went back to living a normal life”.

These are the words quoted by one of the characters of this virtual play which the students watched at school this morning.  The play “Vaccine” written by one of our teachers Mr Robert Aloisio, is a thirty-minute virtual play.  During this play a Skype call is made between the three wise men and other important characters featured in the birth of baby Jesus in the hope of trying to find a vaccine against the troubles of mankind.

We would like to thank Mr Aloisio for the originality and creativity featured in this play.  Special thanks also to Matteo Grixti, a Form 4 student who took part and edited this play.  Thanks also to the seven students who recorded this play in their free time.  After watching this virtual play, all students in each form were invited for a discussion in their respective class.

Even you need this vaccine…. we invite you to watch this play online –


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