Visit by members of Colegio Virgen del Remedio, Alcorcón, Spain.

On Tuesday 8th March, our school hosted a group of 16 students and two teachers for a Catholic College, Colegio Virgen del Remedio, situated in the South of Madrid, Spain.

The purpose of this Europass Mobility was to fulfil a credit within the English in Action a programme that the school offers to its 15-16 year old.

On their arrival, they were greeting by our Headmaster and after sharing sometime in the school grounds during the 10:00 short break, they headed to the school hall so that with a group of 4th Formers they could start their workshop.

The first item on the agenda was a visual presentation of their school. A group of four students were responsible to film, edit and present a visual tour of the College. Then the group was divided into two and after watching a video clip that depicted a number of Spanish students and teachers talk about Spain and Malta, they discussed a number of themes related to the two countries such as: food, language, education system, sports, culture and traditions. This part of the workshop was concluded with the Maltese students answering in writing a survey.

The last part of the session was lighter. One of the Spanish students asking the Maltese students to identify places and pictures around Europe. At first the picture was presented in a blurred manner and when it was too difficult to decipher, they were helped by sharpening it a bit.

At around noon, the group was then divided into five smaller groups, where the Maltese students were responsible to take their Spanish friends to tour the school. At the end of the tour, the Spanish group were offered food, drinks and some sweets.

The last hour was practically spent at the school gymnasium, where the students had the opportunity to play some football and/or table tennis together.