Visit to the National Book Festival

On Friday 8th November, our Form 1 students participated in the National Book Festival.  The visit included a presentation from Irish author Dave Rudden who told stories to those present about the books he wrote.  The monsters, the heroes and the characters from these books came to life on stage while the author himself explained the ideas behind these extraordinary fantasies.

From time to time his sense of humour kept the audience laughing. The students then had time to go around the fair to check on special offers by various publishers and libraries.  They were given vouchers which were soon exchanged with various interesting books that boost reading experiences.  There was a large variety of books about different subjects and different languages and cultures.  Reading is indeed the last frontier which everyone is invited to discover and explore.

During this years’ festival Michael Spiteri, Nikolai Matvei and John Paul Camilleri all Form 2 students from our school were awarded a prize for their love towards books and reading.

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