The visit of our students in Poland comes to an end!

On Tuesday, 17th April, the visit of our students in Poland came to an end.  On Saturday they dedicated a day to the great tragedy of the Holocaust.  First they visited the Jewish Museum, the only existing synagogue in Oswiecim were they had a presentation on Judaism. They ended this day by touring the concentration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau.  This was a strong experience for our students and a great lesson for all generations on the effects of injustice and discrimination.

On Sunday, they heard Mass in Polish and after visited the textile museum for an exhibition by Leonardo.  In the evening each student spent time with the families of the Polish students.

Monday was then spent at Integracyjna Szkola Podstawowa, a school in Łódź.  Our students prepared three features, one about Malta, the other one on our school and another one on EkoSchool.  Even the Polish students presented their projects.  In the evening, they went to Manufaktura, a big shopping and arts centre and later they went to Aqua Park.

Tuesday morning, students and teachers went to visit the capital city Varsavia, were they toured the Copernicus Science Centre, a very beautiful and interactive place.  Later they took the coach for the airport.  There they had a last meeting with the Polish students were they exchanged gifts with the hope to meet them again when they will come to visit Malta.


On Wednesday 11th April, 2018 at 3.40 pm, a group of nine students from the EcoSchool Committee of our school together with Mr Joseph Savona, Project Co-ordinator and Mr Robert Aloisio left Malta to Krakow, one of the oldest cities in Poland.  Upon arrival at 6.15pm they were greeted by a group of 20 Polish students together with three teachers from the School Integracyjna Szkola Podstawowa, in Łódź, Poland. These students had worked together with our students on the Project: Ecological Education in Everyday Life.

Soon after, they left towards the small village of Murzasichle in the mountains, which is about 80km away from Krakow.  There they settled in the hostel were they shall be staying for the next two days.  After eating a local traditional dinner they had a team building activity were they learnt each other’s names.  At 10pm everyone retired to sleep after a tiring trip of 5 hours.

The following morning, the students woke up to the wonderful sight of the Tatras Mountains.  After a tasty breakfast they left by coach to Zakopane, which is only 7km away from the hostel.  Zakopane is known as the ‘the winter capital city of Poland’.  It is found in a valley, border with Slovakia.

In Zakopane one finds the highest mountain and biggest lake in Poland. The students walked for 3 hours and enjoyed part of this lovely hike on the snow.  The Polish students realised how rare it is for us Maltese to see snow!  Even the lake was frozen!  Finally they spent an hour in the city’s touristic centre.

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