Water Conservation Project

Recently our school completed a project which was planned for quite some time.  It involved the update of the water distribution system used for drinking and the water in the reservoir which is used for floor washing and flushing system.

About 35 years ago during the construction of the second floor of the school and the Dar Ħanin Samaritan, the MUSEUM society built a big reservoir to collect the rainwater from the school roof and ground.

In the past months, the system developed a number of faults and it was decided to install a new system of pumps and pipes, thus enabling the water from the reservoir to be used on the roof, and to water the plants in the garden.  Water tanks were changed and new connections that allow the water to go directly to the wash basins and flashings were made.  The two shafts were refurbished with plaster and new paint.

We would like to thank Carmel Caruana, Mario Debattista and Nunzio Conte our general hand employees.  We also thank Darren Cutajar and the Zammit Nurseries team for working on the water system and Chris Abela for the plastering and painting work.

This project is part of our commitment towards the environment, and it involved a considerable amount of money to be completed.  It is thanks to your kind donations that our school can embark on projects like this.

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