World Missionary Sunday

Every Christian when baptized has a mission to undertake.  Today in particular we remember all the priests, religious missionaries and volunteers who leave their country and their families to go to another place, many times where there is poverty.  These dedicated people leave everything to help other people by teaching in schools, provide medical services and pass on to others what they learnt about God.

Today as a school we particularly remember various members of our Society, many of whom were teachers in our school, who are living this experience in many different places.  This year one of our teachers, Mr Tonio Callus, has just left Malta to start a missionary experience in Kenya.  While we thank him for the great work he did at school, we wish him a fruitful experience in Ruiru.

We too can be missionaries and give our share even from here, by praying for all missionaries and also by donating money to make their life better.

p8231864 p8171405 p8151264  kenja-kalendarju kenja-kalendarju-2 kalendarju-2Note:  Some photos show Mr Callus during an experience he had shared with members and candidates of the MUSEUM in Ruiru in 2009.