Our Strengths

St Michael School focuses on the following six aspects:

Personal Attention
St Michael School provides a loving and caring environment which enables students and staff alike to grow holistically and feel accepted. No one is left to fall behind as everyone is offered a genuine helping hand. Counselling and guidance, as well as live-ins that deal with personal and social issues and Personal and Social Development lessons, are services that we offer on a regular basis. While respecting the individual beliefs of its members, as a Catholic Church school, St Michael’s strives to offer a meaningful education system which is inspired by the Gospel and the spirituality of St George Preca and that in turn invites our youths to grow in their faith as well. On special liturgical days, our community gathers to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and actively participates in religious celebrations and activities.

Our school admits boys* that range from eleven to sixteen years old and does not discriminate in any way against different religions and beliefs, race, social classes or other differences. On the other hand, we welcome with open arms any students who have different needs and who have difficulty in reading and writing. To reach our goal and provide the best professional service, we currently employ 15 full-time Learning Support Assistants.
*In Malta, state and church schools do not offer co-education

As exemplified by the wide range of subjects on offer at our school, the sharing of expertise and transmission of knowledge are a tradition we have always treasured. At St Michael’s, we respect the different levels of our students’ competences while at the same time we strongly encourage and support each student to exploit his full potential. Our main aim is to accompany each student in his quest for knowledge, which reaches its peak when he sits for the University of Malta SEC exams and successfully furthers his studies in other post-secondary institutions.

Environment and Ecology
With everyone’s help, our school enjoys a clean and safe environment. We constantly and continuously endeavour to respect and protect the very space which allows us to learn as we believe that every little thing counts: unnecessary printing is avoided, paper use is controlled, electricity and water are used appropriately, waste separation and recycling are practised daily, and efficient electric energy is used. We have also made good use of the European Union’s funding schemes in order to install photovoltaic panels and Intelligent Lighting systems.

EU Programmes
Our involvement within EU programmes is proving to be a huge and successful investment in our teaching programme. In the past few years, students and teachers have benefited immensely from such encounters with other European institutions and cultures. At our school, students are given the opportunity to travel abroad, immerse themselves in other cultures and traditions, live with families during exchange programmes, and participate in courses and activities abroad. Such wonderful experiences broaden the students’ minds and expand the learning horizons of our teachers.

Digital Information and Technology
St Michael School has made it one of its priorities to offer its students all the means to learn the necessary competences to survive in a fast-changing, digital and technological world. As anyone lacking these competences in today’s workforce is considered to be illiterate, our school has invested in a technological infrastructure, wifi over its premises, and an ePlatform which every teacher can use to upload important notes and information and which every student can personally access in his own time. In addition to this, students are guided to make use all technological means responsibly.