Our Vision

As an educational institution, we regard ourselves as part of a bigger educational body that works both within the local and the European level. By opting to take an active role in all educational activities, we open ourselves and get to know what other schools and institutions are thinking, planning, and doing.

Our school believes in inclusion and we work hard to make this ideal a reality. By inclusion we understand that every student, irrespective of his degree of abilities, has something particular and concrete to contribute towards our school, and it is only when all these diverse elements come together that our school becomes a family, complete and united.

While every task is approached and executed with an awareness of our limitations and with respect to the environment around us, we firmly believe it is our duty to actively contribute to society and pass on what we have so gratefully received.

Conscious that we are living in a world where basic values are constantly being challenged, we focus our energies on empowering our students with a critical sense of discernment towards all that seem to glitter but is not gold. We believe that it is only by being critical that one comes to obtain true freedom from being enslaved by our materialistic and consumerist society.

We do believe that if we are to succeed in inspiring students to live according to these values, we also need to work closely with all the parents and guardians, who have entrusted us with the education of their sons. Together, we all pull the rope in the same direction as we walk the path of our life.